The goal of the GotMyHealth website can be found in the name itself! We provide some useful, easy to understand, straightforward nutrition and exercise advice for everybody. Following the advice can help you feel better and live healthier!

Let us start by explaining that it doesn't take much time to develop healthy nutritional and exercise lifestyle habits. What it takes is determination, structure and discipline. You don't need to eat perfectly or train 3 hours per day in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

In fact, too much exercise can lead to a phenomenon known as overtraining. Some of the symptoms of overtraining are: headaches; loss of appetite; insomnia; joint and muscle pain; and irritability to name a few. Overtraining is not healthy nor good for you. We don't advocate any of that here!

When most people think of exercise, there is a natural tendency to think "more is better." This is a falsity! To be healthy you must fight this tendency. Overtraining causes muscle cells to twist, tear and destroy themselves. Train properly and your muscles will thank you for it!

GotMyHealth is based on the age-old Iron Triangle of healthy living:

health triangle
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Great bodies are made in the kitchen, not only in the gym