A word of caution before you read this. This section is only for very well conditioned athletes. The ideas, concepts, and notions conveyed in this section are not for amateurs with little or no understanding of the Extreme lifestyle!

If your like most Extreme athletes, you like to take your body to the limit of its potential and then push it just a little bit more! Whether your sport of choice is biking, hiking, skiing, running, climbing or surfing to name a few you could use some rigorous exercise and good eating ideas to enhance your peak performance.

The exercise program is by anyone's standards tough and exhausting. There is no Beginner or Intermediate program. We figure if your reading this section you're already into some form of exercise, so we can get right into things at full-on speed!

To help you spend more time doing the Extreme things you love, the Nutrition section will provide you with some excellent meal plan ideas that are easy to prepare.

man running healthy eating skiing couple
Great bodies are made in the kitchen, not only in the gym