Weighty Issues

Did you know that every year in North America, billions of tax dollars are spent treating illness that is entirely preventable? It's true!

The 21rst century will bring a rise in health-related spending by western governments to meet the needs of an aging population. This is a demographic reality!

The universal lack of prevention of illness and injuries is due largely to poor personal health habits and to a lesser extent institutional irresponsibility for health matters. Over $100+ billion is spent each year treating preventable illness and injuries. This does not include indirect costs that could easily be double this amount. Most of the causes of preventable disorders are well known and some are illegal. Tobacco usage, which accounts for about 1/5th of preventable disorders, is the most obvious.

Other risky and unhealthy behaviors and activities include: substance abuse; alcohol and motor vehicle violations; certain recreational activities; careless and incompetent practices by health professionals; and failure of individuals to obtain timely wellness checkups. The latter omission greatly increases the likelihood that conditions, including cancer, and heart, blood vessel and emotional disorders and faulty lifestyles remain undetected and thus untreated until they become entrenched and more difficult and expensive to treat. Although many unhealthy habits have been well documented for decades, many individuals continue to abuse their health, and at times, that of others. The information contained in the GotMyHealth website can empower you to take personal responsibility for wellness.

The Choice is Yours

By following the health and fitness lifestyle tips provided in GotMyHealth you can feel great and live a healthy lifestyle. You'll also be doing your part in helping relieve the healthcare costs associated with an ever aging population.

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Great bodies are made in the kitchen, not only in the gym