This section is intended for those people in high school or university/college who want to improve individual athletic performance in their sport of choice.

Let's begin with some sage advice: No sport you're involved in at the moment is worth arthritis or severe joint pain twenty years from now! Get in shape, build you strength and endurance and you'll enjoy years of injury free team or individual sports!

The program takes into consideration that younger athletes have a faster recovery time than do older athletes. As such, the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sections have larger jumps to them when it comes to the amount of exercise a young athlete does depending on their individual physical condition.

It is important to remember that young athletes have bones that are still growing, or have just recently concluded a dramatic bone growth stage. It's important that those bones have strong and healthy muscles to support them so that problems such as lower back pain, knee or shoulder problems don't occur. It is also important that young athletes begin a program of regular exercise as part of their everyday lifestyle pattern. Research shows the lifestyle patterns that most of us adapt as young adults shape the rest of our lives!

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Great bodies are made in the kitchen, not only in the gym